Mark’s passion is helping people connect with meaningful stories of place.

He creates educational travel programs that exceed expectations, allow for lifelong learning, and are sensible for an organization’s bottom line.

Mark brings seven years of experience in nonprofit development, donor stewardship, and fundraising for civic and wildlife conservation organizations.

He also brings eight years of skills from the enterprise sector related to program management, event management, and marketing automation.

When time permits, Mark guides with Road Scholar to provide safe and engaging science- and nature-based programs in the Pacific Northwest. He also works with Best Oregon Tours to create meaningful experiences for travelers who want to discover the beautiful Willamette Valley. As a volunteer with a local hiking organization, he crafts and leads interpretive day and multi-day trips to discover the dynamic natural history of the region.

Born and raised where the Ozark Mountains encounter the Great Plains, he now lives in Eugene, Oregon, with his family and their fifteen-year-old cat.

Mark looks forward to beginning part-time work on an MA in Outdoor Education Leadership in the coming year. He is a Certified Interpretive Guide, Wilderness First Responder, an Oregon Master Naturalist, and a graduate of ITMI (International Tour Management Institute).

Contact me: mark [AT]

“Mark led this trip professionally, astutely, and with honesty” – Joseph, New York.

“Mark sets the tone of our group the first night having us introduce ourselves, tell where we were from, and ‘where we would send an inquisitive mind.’ This gave us an immediate opening and opportunity to connect with our fellow travelers. He continued to help us become a cohesive group that got along extremely well together. He showed strong leadership skills. I have been an educator most of my life and recognized that he had the personality and teaching practices that make learning fun, educational, and inspiring.” Peggy & Tom

Thank you so much for giving my grandchild and I an extraordinary memory. Very special.“ Liz, New York

Thank you for a great Road Scholar trip. We really enjoyed it!“ G, C, and A, Florida

The Crater Lake and Bend Outdoor Adventure was beyond terrific. Mark led the group in activities that included exploring a lava tube cave, rafting some class 3 rapids, hiking up to 5 and 6 miles a day in some beautiful terrain, and enjoying Crater Lake. He created an atmosphere that rates 5 stars!!” Ruth, North Carolina

His organizational skills are very impressive; we packed a huge amount of learning and fun into one week. He even snuck in a nighttime walk near Crater Lake to a spring coming out of the mountain with a flock of little bats skimming around the pool inches from us. Loved it!

Mark led this group in an easy-going and positive manner. The program was fun and the educational benefits were high. The activities fostered a bond between grandchild and grandparent as well as with the group as a whole. He had excellent suggestions for free-time activities and restaurants on our own. He prepared us well for what we were going to see and do..“ Anonymous

Thank you for all your help, kindness, and consideration you gave to us on this trip. Truly enjoyed our adventure and the many wonderful places we visited!“ your stories and extra information have made Oregon extra memorable. All the Best Wishes.” Connie, Minnesota.

Great, fabulous trip!!!” Cecil, Ron, & Ruth