I work closely with adventure travel companies. As an interpretive guide, I help connect visitors to important natural, cultural, and historical locations. This is reflected in my itineraries where I create enriching opportunities so travelers can discover the many stories hidden in the rocks, beneath the trees, and along the trails. Here are a few of my programs that can enhance your tours in the Pacific Northwest & California.

Wicked San Francisco Wander: Fear, Sex, & Gold

San Francisco is often viewed as a place where a person can make a fortune, where an individual can craft their future, and where it’s OK to be weird.

But, beneath the sidewalks, in unimpressive alleys, and among lonely buildings is a hidden San Francisco, a city born within a moment with the discovery of gold in 1848. The city’s parents were not elites or idealist, but gritty prospectors, sailors, railroad workers, gamblers, ladies of the night, grifters, poets, and hustlers. It was a city forged in fear, sex, and gold.

Mark’s interpretive walking trip explores how the city changed in three important ways. We’ll see how fear directed at those considered “unfit” by society (poor, minorities, and women) reveals they are the true backbone of the city, how the censorship of sex led to modern freedoms, and how gold fever changed forms never really disappeared from this place.

Newberry Volcano: 4-day Slow Adventure

The approachable, active Newberry Volcano of central Oregon allows for first-hand discovery and connection to one of the most fundamental forces of nature – in both its creative and destructive roles.

Join Mark on this 4-day active learning adventure, we will explore gigantic obsidian flows, immerse ourselves in natural hot springs, witness dramatic sunsets, explore a massive lava tube, hike upon a towing cinder cone, peer into a forgotten lava cast forest, and white water raft over a submerged lava flow. We will be camping under the stars and swimming in a volcanic caldera.

The Dynamic Edge of Northern California and Oregon – Coming Soon

The coastline of northern California and Oregon is a dynamic edge, a resource-rich environment that has attracted maritime explorers for centuries and into today.

Crater Lake Explore

Crater Lake’s breathtaking beauty, seasonal weather extremes, and distinguishing natural and cultural features, combined with a variety of recreational opportunities, provide visitors with abundant chances for discovery, reflection, and inspiration.

Join Mark and explore the majesty of Crater Lake National Park through enticing stories and scenic walks. This 3-day experience offers opportunities for hiking along the crater’s massive rim, wandering upon the mysterious Wizard Island, and enjoying the lake from the water’s surface. Our slow-travel journey includes dining in the historic Crater Lake Lodge, sunset hikes, and many opportunities to relax and drink in the magnificent view. For the curious, we travel at dusk to a gurgling spring to witness bats as they gather their insect-rich dinner as they dive and dart around us.

This program is active and involves hiking on some steep surfaces. This program can be modified for shorter durations.

Road Scholar

I enjoy leading programs with Road Scholar – the world’s largest and most innovative creator of experiential learning opportunities. Join me: