As an interpretive guide and tour director, I help connect travelers to important natural, cultural, and historical locations. I work closely with outdoor education and experiential travel companies.

Join me in August and September 2021 to hike old-growth forests along the Oregon Coast as you learn about local ecosystems and explore coastal dunes on this engaging Road Scholar program, “A Hiking Adventure Along Oregon’s Central Coast.”

Here are a few of my interpretive programs that can enhance tours in the Pacific Northwest & California:

Oregon’s Newberry Volcano – Exploring a Fundamental Force of Nature

The approachable, active Newberry Volcano of central Oregon allows for first-hand discovery and connection to one of the most fundamental forces of nature – in both its creative and destructive roles.

Oregon’s Coast – A Dynamic Edge

The coastline of Oregon is a dynamic edge, a resource-rich environment that has attracted maritime explorers for centuries and into today.

Crater Lake Discovery

Crater Lake’s breathtaking beauty, seasonal weather extremes, and distinguishing natural and cultural features, combined with a variety of recreational opportunities, provide visitors with abundant chances for discovery, reflection, and inspiration.

Wandering Wicked San Francisco (Barbary Coast)

Modern visitors to San Francisco can be fascinated by its tolerance for the outlandish and the absurd, others can be bewildered. Often called “The City” this icon of America’s west coast is known for its nonconformity, being a hub of diversity, and a place embued with the spirit of reinvention.

But, beneath its sidewalks and unassuming alleys is a wicked San Francisco. This is the city that was sparked within a moment – with the discovery of gold in 1848. This instant metropolis was fanned by the morality of the Gold Rush and fueled by desperation and hope. Drawn to this irresistible inferno were prospectors, sailors, railroad workers, gamblers, ladies of the night, grifters, poets, and hustlers. San Francisco is a city forged out of fear, sex, and gold.

Mark’s interpretive wander explores how the city changed in three important ways. On our walk, we’ll see how fear directed at those considered “unfit” by society (poor, minorities, and women) reveals they are the true backbone of the city, how the censorship of sex led to modern freedoms, and how gold fever changed forms never really disappeared from this place.