During a recent CFRE training, these 14 points were mentioned as key elements of a nonprofit’s development plan. Understanding this flow is often a pain point at many organizations and I’m glad to see this clarified. Credit: Jack Alotto, MA, CFRE.

  1. Purpose
  2. Development Goals
  3. Strategies (to achieve a million-dollar gift we might need to hire X major gift people, and we have Y number campaigns that target $ or more in giving)
  4. Operational Policies
  5. Targeted Constituencies
  6. Potential of Constituency and Strategy
  7. Cultivation Strategies
  8. Timetable
  9. Income Benchmarks for Each Strategy
  10. Who is Responsible
  11. Marketing (campaigns and goals)
  12. Budget for Each Strategy
  13. Indicators of Success
  14. Evaluation