car-camping-tip-7aAfter a few days of family camping, it becomes apparent that everyone is in serious need of a bath; your sweetheart has hair that resembles a shrub, you wonder just how clean your kids’ hands really are, and you are starting to smell like Bigfoot.

You reach for some soap and find a menagerie: squeeze-bottle dishwashing liquids, motel-sized soap bars, and decades-old travel shampoo bottles. These are unsightly, unorganized, and take up valuable space in the car. Is there just one soap, a “super soap” that can be used for everything; dishes and humans?

Such soap exists! It is easily obtainable at many outdoor retailers and stores. This soap can be sold under various brand names but will be labeled with one or more of these terms, Biodegradable, Castile, or Organic.

Unlike many commercially produced soaps and detergents, which contain harsh chemicals, these soaps use natural ingredients. A favorite of mine is Castile soap. The name Castile is not a brand; rather it refers to the Castile region of Spain where the soap was originally produced. For centuries, Castile soap has been made from natural products and still maintains a reputation for quality. I use a liquid Castile soap for washing everything when camping; I save money, free up space in the car, and help the outdoors. Best of all, this soap does-it-all, it gets the family AND the dishes clean.

car-camping-tip-7Finally, being mindful about scents can keep animals away from your campsite. Many of the soaps (even Castile) can be scented with Fruits, Peppermint, Sage, and Lavender. While these scents are pleasant to humans, they can attract hungry animals. When buying any soap, for camping purposes, make sure it is unscented.

Remember, save time, money and the environment when camping and use one type of natural soap that can do-it-all. Look for soap that is labeled: Biodegradable, Castile or Organic. Castile is perfect for camping and can be used to wash everything. Choose unscented to lessen the chance of animal visitors.