IMG_0442The modern world is a busy place; it is full of technological distractions, work commitments, and family duties. …It is easy for a year or more to swiftly zip by. If going camping is a family goal – you need to have a plan.

A plan helps to focus your actions and clarify what is relevant. Think of a plan like a compass and a map that help you stay on the right path and keeps you from becoming lost. If you take a wrong turn you can always reorient yourself and find your way to the destination.

A plan for going camping does not need to be grand in scale or expensive, it can be simple and affordable. Sometimes it is best to start small and build your experiences. If you’re not sure where to start, begin with this upcoming weekend, go on a hike with your family.

It is important to celebrate the success of your plan – even the small ones. A good way to celebrate a successful outing is to start planning the next trip while in the car returning home. Always keep a new plan in front of you.

Implementing a plan is not easy, they might take longer than you want and distractions will surprise you. When these occur take time to reinvigorate, take a walk, clear your head, and get your mental map and compass pointing in the right direction.

How much is the time with those you love worth? Do what it takes for your plan to succeed.

Photo: Car camping in the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains of California.