car-camping-tip-1Planning for a car camping trip can be a herculean activity, especially if you’re not sure where to begin. You are welcome to use my checklist (an Excel spreadsheet). Use it to help “jump start” your thinking about what is needed for a successful and fun, multi-day, family car camping trip.

You can download the checklist here.

There are many more items listed on the checklist than what you will need. This is intentional, as each trip requires some degree of new thinking and planning to accommodate changes in weather, location, and personal interests. Please modify the checklist to include any items that maximize the safety, comfort and security of your own family.

car-camping-checklist-carThe checklist is organized into 7 tabs: Read Me / Camping Equipment / Cooking Equipment / Food / Food Example / Personal Items / The Trip

Instructions about how to complete the various sections are provided on each tab.

Now that you have a checklist, I hope your trip will be easier to plan than you may have originally thought.

Next, let’s look at proximities; knowing about them can help you have a more enjoyable camping trip.

Photo: The car is packed, ready to depart for 4 days of camping – thanks to the checklist!