Are you interested in blogging for your environmental nonprofit, but not sure where to begin? This article is a high-level introduction to the world of blogging.

What is a Blog?

The word ‘blog’ is a truncation of the words ‘web’ and ‘log.’ A blog is a quick and affordable method for communicating your message electronically. Think of a blog as a series of reversed diary entries so you are reading the most recent articles first. These articles can be sorted into various categories and tagged with keywords so readers can easily find your content. You will need a blogging tool that runs on a web hosting service; WordPress is free to download and you can choose from hundreds of layout themes for displaying your articles.

How Can a Blog Strengthen My Messaging?

A well-written blog can put a ‘face’ on your organization’s story helping to expand your reach to customers and to those who you want to nurture.

What Should I Write About?

A blog is less about you, your cause, or even your organization; rather, it is more about helping your readers succeed. You need to write articles (about your cause) that are relevant to the interests of your audience, inspire your readers to create their own understanding, help them to solve a problem and allow them to be creative. In short, how can you help them to be successful?

How Can I Become a Great Blogger?

You can help yourself to become a great blogger by writing consistently, writing like you speak, being responsive to comments, encouraging people to sign up for your blog, and focusing on the quality rather than quantity of your articles.

What Are Some First Article Ideas?

Start with the basics about your grassroots organization: What is your mission and how does it help nature? Where are you located and why? How does your cause/organization help others? How do you help local habitats or the community?

If you need additional blogging ideas my next two articles will include 50 ideas for marketing your message.