Six Distractions That Can Trip-up Your Day Trip Plans

The day has arrived! After a long work-week, you finally have a free day to venture outside, to have fun and go exploring. That morning, you have the best of intentions to make it out early. But, things keep distracting you. Finally, much later than anticipated you make it out the door. The rest of the day you are in a sour mood. What were some of the distractions? Can they be prevented?

Here are six common distractions that can trip-up your day trip plans:

1. TV. Do you really need to turn on the TV? OK, maybe you need to hear the weather report to help plan your day, but that should be it. Even the smallest amount of channel surfing can suddenly consume an hour. Do you really need to watch that 1960’s sitcom about trekking in space for the 200th time? No. Turn off the TV and boldly go outside!

2. Computer. Do you really need to log in and remotely check your work email? Do you really need to chat with friends or watch a video? Ninety-nine percent of the time the answer will be ‘No’. A computer is a great tool that, if allowed, will distract you with entertaining videos of cats playing the piano or dogs riding a skateboard – don’t turn the computer on. The email, videos, and computer will be around later that evening after you return from the real entertainment – being outside.

3. Telephone. Let the answering machine get it. Without fail a friend or relative will always call about 15 minutes before you plan to leave. This is a huge distraction. Keep your answering machine employed by letting it do its job and answer the call. Call your friends and relatives back after you have returned. Best of all you can tell them about your rockin’ time outside.

4. Bills and Paperwork. Unless the paperwork is absolutely critical it can wait until you return from your refreshing outside. Better yet take care of that stuff the night before.

5. Domestic Life: The laundry, dishes, lawn, garage, trash, groceries, vacuum, broom, mop, duster etc. will be a siren song – distracting you from continuing your outside odyssey. Ignore them. Get out of the house and enjoy your day. Sometimes you just need to step away so you can return to deal with the house.

6. Clutter. Clutter is possibly the greatest and most powerful of all distractions. Clutter is the miscellaneous stuff that ends up in piles on the desk, unsorted things in the corner of the closet, things that have some purpose but you’re not sure what. Do you the own the clutter or does it own you? Go on your hike and think about it. The answer might surprise you.

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