Yurts are a comfortable way for families to camp. Recently my family needed a night out camping so we tried something new; we stayed in a yurt at Mount Madonna County Park near Gilroy, California. According to a park worker, the yurts are several weeks new.

As we drove through the campground meandering between redwood trees we saw our yurt. It was tan in color, round and sat on a brown planked deck. We parked the car and walked just a few feet to the front step of the deck. The yurt had a front door and two side windows. On top of the yurt sat a bubble of clear plexiglass, it was a skylight.

Unlocking the door we saw the yurt was clean and comfortable. The yurt’s diameter was 16 feet across, but it accommodated two bunk beds and a futon style double bed. In the middle of the room was a small, but a sturdy table. A lot of furnishings had been placed inside this deceptively small space. Above us on the ceiling was a light, which we later found good for reading just before bedtime. An external screen door kept out pesky mosquitos. For those who feel safer with it, a lock and deadbolt are located on the main door.

Outside were a wooden picnic table and fire-pit. An odd shaped A-frame was nearby. This was for storing our food out of reach from raccoons. A few feet away from a large yellow banana slug slowly moved into the woods.

The cost to rent the yurt was roughly double the cost of a regular tent campsite. The park does have showers and flush toilet facilities nearby. Several hiking trails offer hours of opportunity to escape the rat race and be outside.

In the morning you will need to sweep out the yurt and tidy up so it is clean for the next family.

My family needed a place to ‘chill-out’ and just kick-back for a night. If you are new to camping, have some grandparents who are joining you, or just want to relax without having to deal with a tent then check out yurt camping. We found it fun and relaxing.

Continue your own explorations of Mount Madonna and other Santa Clara County Parks visit: http://www.parkhere.org

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