I love camping at the Pinnacles National Monument (located in California) in late March. On the weekends the campground is partially full, but during the rest of the week the campground has just a handful of campers. During our most recent visit we were able to select the camping site with a view of the hill to our east. This was a perfect spot for watching condors.

Earlier in the day my family had learned about a nesting pair of California Condors that lived on the ridge to our east. The condors, as a species, were fighting their way back from the edge of extinction. A nesting pair was a rare and welcome event. A visiting interpreter from a condor research facility had informed us that of the 500 condors that were alive today roughly 250 were in the wild. On the hill to our south two dark dots glided over tree tops and landed in the tree reported to have the nest, it was good to see these great creatures.

In the sky two-dozen turkey vultures glided on thermals. As the sun lowered on the horizon the thermals lessened and the vultures decreased in altitude. For several hours they gradually glided down. On several passes their massive wings carried them overhead. The airspace was becoming crowded as thirty vultures weaved less than 100 feet over us – their wings sounded like to the fast ripping sound made when a kite weaves rapidly in a quick turn. The moon appeared high in the sky and provided a mysterious looking background as the dark forms moved overhead. After a few minutes the birds moved away and roosted in a tree at the north end of the campground.

As the sun set the sky darkened and stars began to appear. The heat from our small fire kept us warm as the temperatures dipped into the high 30‘s. Our enjoyment of the bright nighttime star (Venus) easily made up for the evening chill.

The next morning we woke, enjoyed a short walk and started some water for camp coffee. After breakfast we started our walk down the the Bench Trail to briefly explore the South Wilderness Trail then walk up the creek to the Peaks View area.

Note: You can camp anytime of year at Pinnacles. But, our favorite time (weather permitting) is late March.

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